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Hi, my name is Josh Goldberg!

Hi, my name is Josh Goldberg!


The school

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Check out these lessons that will help you get started playing the tap-guitar right away! When you’re done, make sure to click the links below each lesson for a free download of the supplementary exercises that go along with each lesson!


Introductions and basiCs

Start your tap-guitar adventure here with an introduction to my favorite brand of the instrument, the Chapman Stick. This video covers the layout of the instrument, the tuning, and the very basics of technique.

Check out the supplementary exercises!

Pentatonics overivew

Now that you’ve got the basic technique down, let’s start learning some scales so we can rip sweet solos and play beautiful melodies! What better place to start than the pentatonic scales?

Check out the supplementary exercises!

Constructing basic chords

So you’re feeling pretty good about your pentatonic scales and maybe you want to start learning some chords so you can play in a band or accompany yourself. Let’s take a look at the basic chord shapes that you’ll find all around the neck!

Check out the supplementary exercises!


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One of my greatest passions in music is teaching, and this includes private lessons! If you’re looking to seriously level up your tap-guitar and music game with detailed and personalized one-on-one instruction, then let’s book a 30 minute introductory lesson together right now! The button to your right will take you to the booking page of my website, where you’ll be able to sign up right away!


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