Time to level up

This January Tap Theory will enter its 3rd year! I’m a little blown away by the response I’ve gotten to this whole experiment and it just makes me excited to build more on top of the foundation I’ve already created.

This website, taptheory.net, will be the new home-page for all Tap Theory related stuff. I want folks to be able to come to this website and find out about anything music related that I’m doing, whether that means new lessons and performance videos or if I’m playing somewhere or releasing new music through any of the projects I’m involved in.

This is a really exciting time for me right now. I don’t do well with too much down time and the end of the year tends to slow way down on its own. This means that I crank into overdrive and put myself toward new music, new lessons, new projects and upgrades on existing projects. It works out well since my birthday is in early January, it winds up becoming a birthday present for myself.

This year, I have two birthday presents! First, my new solo EP “am i cool yet” is a short, 3 song collection of music in a style I’ve never really done before. It was a pretty interesting and fun undertaking as I did all the writing, performing, programming, mixing and mastering myself. I learned that I have a lot to learn, but also that I knew more than I thought. I’m excited to spend the year refining these skills and writing a full length album of songs. I’m even planning on taking production lessons from one of my favorite local producers, Josh Friedman AKA That One Eyed Kid. I probably won’t do my own mastering though.

The second present is this huge level up to Tap Theory. “Tap Theory” is now both my online school as well as the unifying moniker I’ll be using for all the musical work I do. The branding is a bit easier than having multiple names, and I honestly just like the phrase better than my given name for my professional stuff.

Anyway, happy early birthday to me and a great big thank you to you reading this post right now, because it means that you’re interested enough in what I’m doing to make it to the bottom of this little blog post I’ve written.

Time to make 2019 fuckin dope


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