Apophenia (July 2018)

Apophenia front cover.jpg
  • “Goldberg and Kent craft myriad tones on their instruments, giving each track it’s own distinctive sonic blend, which makes the album a real pleasure for “deep listening”. Some of the sounds are slight twists on the familiar, but many are truly fresh.”

  • -Greg Howard, Stick Enterprises

  • "...A must have for the connisseur of instrumental prog."


  • "From melodic to dissonant, and serene to heavy, listening to GEPH’s music is a journey in and of itself, and I definitely recommend checking out this album when it comes out!"

    -Alternative Control

  • “Think of Animals as Leaders ditching the djent and drop tuning way down. There’s that level of virtuosity on “Apophenia.”

    -Progressive Music Planet

  • Alternative Control interview


GEPH (Marh 2016)

  • “...this record absolutely blew me away with its amazing songwriting and excellent ideas. More on the fusion side of instrumental prog, this is just excitement in every note!” - Inter, ItDjent’s top instrumental albums of 2016

  • “Drummer Josh Merhar also deserves credit for bringing a slightly jazzy tinge to the proceedings rather than going the muscle-bound power-drummer route. Given that they play the same instrument, Josh Goldberg and John Tyler Kent are individually indistinguishable on the recording, so it will have to suffice to say they both know what they’re doing — there are no weak links in the trio.” - Jon Davis,

  • Behind the Playlist interview


And The Traveler

The Road, the reason (may 2013)

  • “No three musicians ever set out with such velocity as And The Traveler did to create their debut album, and their ambitions have produced quite a work of art “
    -The Consequences of Spontaneity

  • “They’ve got the technicality of King Crimson and Dream theater, the dynamics of the Dear Hunter and the Mars Volta, and the diversity and unique song-writing like the Rx Bandits and Primus.“