Hi, I’m Josh Goldberg!


I’ve been involved in music since I was 11 years old.  When I was 15, I began to focus on guitar and by 17 knew that I would be pursuing a career in music.  I attended Manhattanville College for guitar a few years before switching my focus to the Chapman Stick and being presented with an opportunity to perform with my old band And The Traveler.  With And The Traveler, I began gaining notoriety for my playing around the American Northeast region, eventually leading to becoming the youngest Stick Enterprises Featured Artist in 2013 for both my playing and my instructional YouTube series “Stick Science.”  I also taught at the Northeast Stick Seminar 2014 alongside Greg Howard and Brett Bottomley.

In the summer of 2014, I moved to Boston, released a solo album, and formed GEPH with fellow Stickist John Tyler Kent and drummer Josh Merhar, where the three of us immediately began making waves, releasing a debut album in March of 2016.  Riding the success of our first album, GEPH managed to fundraise nearly $10,000 to record and mix our second album. Most recently, we just got back from a big regional tour with Philly based friends In The Presence of Wolves (opened for acts like Alice in Chains, Ghost and Stone Temple Pilots), released our second album Apophenia to widespread acclaim, played some big prog rock festivals and have started writing new music.

On my own, I have opened an online-based Chapman Stick and tap guitar school in 2017 called “Tap Theory,” an evolution of Stick Science that was expanded to include much more content and has begun to pick up steam in the tap guitar community.  I’ve also begun working in the indie game field, and have been commissioned to do the soundtrack and sound effects for a few upcoming games. I also occasionally gig on Stick with Silver Arrow Band, a New England based top 40s wedding group.